Our Story

Our goal is simple. We’re out to Nourish Every Body.

As we grow our presence in Canada, we strive to continue to evolve on our journey to Nourish Every Body focusing on:

Sourcing pure organic and quality ingredients

Creating simple recipes

Enriching communities

Following sustainable practices

Knowing where our food comes from is important to us.

We’re committed to sourcing organic and as locally as possible, and we rely on trusted suppliers for quality and traceability. No GMOs here.

Our Partnership with Plant•Grow•Share a Row

Specifically Pacific x Plant•Grow•Share a Row

Plant•Grow•Share a Row encourages gardeners, whether at home or through their community garden, to plant and grow an extra row of their favourite vegetables to then donate this harvest to a local food bank.

Pacific Foods and Plant•Grow•Share a Row share a core value of providing nourishment to every body.

Plant•Grow•Share a Row builds on the reality that when the gardening harvests come in, there are always extras for sharing with neighbours, family and friends.

In the Year 2000, the Garden Writers Association, Canadian Food Banks Association and The Compost Council of Canada joined together to also encourage the sharing of the harvests with local food banks, building on programs developed in both Canada and the United States.

Since then, millions of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables have been given to food banks across Canada so that every body can have access to fresh, in-season, locally grown produce.

At Pacific Foods, nourishment is core to what we do and who we are. Our sense of achievement is shaped by our impact on people, our community and the planet.

Simply put, we’re out to Nourish Every Body.