Pasta Primavera with Greens


  • Total Time 30 minutes
  • Prep Time 15 minutes
  • Cook Time 15 minutes


  • Your other pastas will turn green with envy after you try this dish. Pasta Primavera with Greens uses of our organic vegetable broth, and pairs it with crunchy sugar snap peas, chopped asparagus, fresh herbs and a splash of more than a dozen other additions.



    • 4 4 cup cup Pacific Foods® Organic Vegetable Broth
    • 8 8 ounce ounce penne pasta
    • 8 8 ounce ounce sugar snap peas trimmed and halved lengthwise
    • 0.5 0.5 cup cup green peas fresh or frozen
    • 1.5 1.5 cup cup asparagus cut into 1 ½ -inch pieces
    • 2 2 cup cup kale stems trimmed and roughly chopped
    • 0.25 0.25 cup cup extra virgin olive oil
    • 0.5 0.5 cup cup fresh chives
    • 0.5 0.5 cup cup fresh parsley
    • 0.5 0.5 cup cup pine nuts
    • 1 1 lemon juiced and zested
    • 0.25 0.25 cups cups Parmesan cheese grated
    • 0.25 0.25 tsp tsp sea salt
    • 0.25 0.25 tsp tsp black pepper
    • 0.33 0.33 cup cup Parmesan cheese grated, to serve
    • 4 4 tbsp tbsp fresh chives chopped, to serve
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    1. Add Pacific Foods® Organic Vegetable Broth to a large pot and bring to a boil.

    2. Add penne pasta and cook according to package directions. In the last 3 minutes of cooking, add peas, asparagus and kale. Drain pasta and vegetables and reserve ½ cup vegetable broth.

    3. Prepare green sauce: to a high-speed blender add olive oil, chives, parsley, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, lemon zest, sea salt, black pepper, and ¼ cup reserved vegetable broth. Pulse until sauce is smooth. If the sauce is too thick, add in another tablespoon of reserved vegetable broth.

    4. Add pasta and cooked vegetables to a large bowl and drizzle with sauce. Toss to combine.

    5. Serve garnished with parsley and parmesan cheese. Enjoy!

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